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As one of the leading manufacturers of CCD cameras & Video equipment for CCTV Surveillance System in France with ISO 9001 Quality Certification and more than 18 years of solid experience in the worldwide market, ESPION-INTL, established since 1988, carries a comprehensive range of products from analog hardware to the latest Digital & Network solutions of any specialist manufacturers on the world now to provide quality solution and support for all your requirement on CCTV Surveillance & DVR equipment.


With all manufacturing, engineering, quality control, marketing and administrative operation located at France head office as well as the production, ESPION-INTL delivers more than 15,000 pieces of CCD cameras and DVRs per month to meet customers, requirement throughout the world.

By the steady growth, the annual turnover of ESPION-INTL has increased up to 15 millions U.S. Dollars in year 2008, and the employees have increased up to 200 including the direct and indirect labor since 1988. In the end of year 2008.


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